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Bob Corby talks about how he advertises the SPACE expo and mentions an article about how to make minicomics...

READERSVOICE.COM: Some of your mini comics have a woodcut look in drawing style. What got you interested in this style, and how did you achieve it, like in Why I’m Not Musical, and Adjustable?

BOB CORBY: WINM and the cover to Adjustable are actually linoleum cut prints. I learned how to do that back in high school and originally did it to get color into my comics without paying a printer for color.

RV: How can people learn to make a mini comic with fairly good product values, maybe staple and fold?

BC: The best instruction for minicomics is Matt Feazell’s “How to Make Minicomics” which is still available at his website. homecast.net/~mattfeazell/catalog.
Other than that I say just do it.

RV: When I was in Memphis a few years ago, I saw a poster on Beale Street advertising the comic-con there and so I attended. What old style publicity do you use for SPACE, as opposed to social media? I read that you used to walk into coffee shops handing out flyers to people.

BC: I still send flyers and posters out to about 300 comic shops, book stores and record stores. I also send flyers to a lot of other conventions and usually do about 8 or so conventions myself and handout flyers. We also buy print ads in a few local papers. I usually go up and down the breath of High St. in Columbus each year handing out flyers to all the businesses that will take them. There is also the annual Ohio State campus flyer blitz.

RV: What are some of your favorite books of all time, whether fiction, biography, comics or not?

BC: My favorite authors are Kurt Vonnegut and Douglas Adams so I love anything they did. I’m also a big Neil Gaiman fan. So I love both his comics and prose work.

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