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The Meanderings of Oswald p3

More jokes from a WW2 era joke book from New Zealand…

The people in the railway train were startled by the entrance of two masked men, one large and the other small, both armed with revolvers. “Throw up your hands,” barked the big man. “We’re going to rob all the men and kiss all the girls.” “No, partner,” remonstrated the smaller bandit gallantly, “we’ll leave the ladies alone.” “Mind your own business, young fellow,” snapped a woman of uncertain age, “the big chap is running this show, not you!”

A medical man was called in to see a young lady, but couldn’t see much wrong with her. He thought that she had been confined indoors too much, so he said: “What you want, my dear, is a little sun and air.” Imagine his consternation when he received a “please explain” from the Social Security Department. He had been accused of making an improper suggestion to someone who was not even married.

The Meanderings of Oswald by W.W.W., was published and printed by the printing firm Wright and Jacques Ltd, of Albert St, Auckland in 1943. In the book the author mentions that he was a printer. There are a lot of cartoony illustrations. It would be hard to find anywhere these days.