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The Meanderings of Oswald p1

READERSVOICE.COM aims to collect a few samples from interesting out of print books. The Meanderings of Oswald is a 1943 paperback with a lot of jokes from WW2.

This issue quotes from a tattered old volume with three rusted staples left in the front cover, with one staple missing. The author is listed as W.W.W., and this was probably Wilfrid William Wright, according to the National Library of New Zealand website.

The author states his philosophy:  One of the best things in life is a sense of humor, and all the world over there are men and women who find life pleasant because at their birth a fairy godmother bestowed the rich gift of fun – which is one of God’s greatest gifts to man.

He advises the reader to forget all their troubles and “enjoy a loud, loud laugh”: Count that day lost that does not have its gleam of fun, for laughter is infectious, and if you can laugh off your troubles, if you can smile in the face of danger and distress, your presence will bring inspiration and happiness to those about you.

He writes: All the world loves a lover and also a laughter-maker –one of those jovial individuals who chuckles and gurgles his way along and helps others to do the same…