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READERSVOICE.COM aims to collect a few interesting reading tips. Aaron Lopresti is a professional comics artist and writer, who has worked for Marvel, D.C. and Image Comics. His comics work has included Batman, Green Lantern, Xena, The Hulk, Atomic Toybox and Detective Comics. Comics artists might like to check out his blog where he discusses things like the different styles different inkers can bring to pencilled drawings. He has read a lot over the years, including thousands of comics…

READERSVOICE.COM: You’ve mentioned some comics and graphic novels you turn to for artistic inspiration, like The Adventures of Santa Claus by Mike Ploog, as well as countless comics by everyone from Brian Bolland, Steranko, Frazetta and Neal Adams to EC horror comics. What does your comic collection look like and which ones have you been going back to lately?

AARON LOPRESTI: I really have two collections. A 2000-book collection of golden, silver and bronze age books that I have been collecting since I was a kid. I have recently sold off my Spiderman collection along with a few other bits and pieces, so it is not quite as impressive as it once was. Then I have a large post-1985 collection. Those are books I bought to read or have picked up because I like the art.

I used to dip into these quite frequently several years ago for reference but since the advent of the internet and the availability of collected editions it is almost easier to use those for reference rather than the actual comics themselves. I did, however, recently take a look a Bolland’s take on the Joker in The Killing Joke as I was preparing to draw my Legends of the Dark Knight story (digital issue #66). Before that when I was working on Wonder Woman a few years back I had to pull out my old issues of Claw the Unconquered and The Stalker from the 70’s because they were appearing in some issues. I also pull out some of the modern books to look at what other artists are doing just out of fanboy curiosity.

RV: Can you mention a few titles of some other favorite books?

AL: As ridiculous as it may seem I don’t really read all that much anymore. Probably because my free time seems to be spent drawing or writing other projects. I read the Bible every day, but other than that, it is tough for me to find the time. I do like reading Edgar Rice Burroughs, especially the John Carter [John Carter of Mars] and Pellucidar books. I like reading books about Frazetta and other great artists and illustrators and “how to” books on painting. I also read a book called the Frankenstein Diaries that I thought was very entertaining (at least it is was when I read it 30 years ago) and I can say that I have read Jaws and half of Jurassic Park:)

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