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Comedian David Kilimnick talks about some of his plans...

READERSVOICE.COM: Which other books have you really liked over the years, for e.g. non-fiction?

DAVID KILIMNICK: I remember my dad telling me to read The Grapes of Wrath when I was a kid (though this doesn’t answer this question- I wanted to tell you about it). I found that I like those moments where there were statements made about society that made me think about what the real meaning for people’s actions were. If it is fiction or non-fiction, I want the writer to be getting me to think. I want to learn something from them. A writer, is like a teacher to me. There was a beautiful Chassidik teaching that I remember learning years ago, about how when somebody talks, they are giving over something. And just as Gd [God] has to restrict/limit Himself, so that we can understand Him (you could say Her if you would like), we have to limit our thoughts as to connect with other people. Once we limit our thoughts, we can then transfer them to other people, and then we can expand on those thoughts and make them understood. Point being, that writing is a chance to connect with people and to me, I want the writer to be taking me into some world of thought, bringing me there, guiding me. I have no idea if I do that in my writing. It just sounded good to me, in a non-coherent way.

RV: What are some of your plans for the Off the Wall Comedy Basement Club and any other projects, like touring?

DK: My plans are to keep Jerusalem’s Comedy Club alive and moving. I love writing as it is one of the few things where I feel like I can put my stuff out and keep on putting my thoughts out without industry saying ‘no.’ The problem is money. Once money gets involved, that could all be gone. I am also working on many film projects and pilots. My plan is to keep on working and trying to put something of beauty into the world. Success can come and go. I hope, for the sake of family and paying mortgages that there is success. But what I do on stage as a stand-up comedian and connecting with people through truth is a way of life. I plan on doing it forever.
I am always up for touring and happy to travel the world and perform. I would be honored to fly out to Australia, South Africa, South America, China, you name it. As a comedian from the ‘Holy City,’ I see laughter and comedy as necessary religious experience. However, my touring is in your hands. What is in my hands is to keep on trying hard and thinking and growing, and hopefully giving you all a place to come to in Jerusalem to laugh with me and shed light on what kind of changes we have to make in this world to better it, together.
No matter what, I will keep on trying to put my word out there for you, be it on stage, be it in film, Youtube, internet or Television, be it in writing. I love being able to talk while not having to hear your side of the argument.

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