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Elias Ericson is a Swedish comics artist and graphic artist. He creates autobiographical comics and fiction comics like his webcomic Espaced. He is a student at Serieskolan, which is comic art school in Malmo, Sweden. He sometimes talks about his work at events like the Stockholm International Comics Festival and the Comic Con Malmo. He tries for intense feelings and movement in his comics. His work should be of special interest to people who want to create autobiographical comics, which is a great genre due to the variety of lives people have, with all sorts of experiences, geography, politics and beliefs. See eliasericson.tumblr.com for some of his comics and sketches.

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The Swedish comics creator of Espaced and autobiographical comics, Elias Ericson, talks about movement and emotion or intense feelings in art work like comics...

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Swedish comics artist Elias Ericson talks about being contacted by readers who have had similar experiences to those portrayed in his comics...