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Alisha Jade

READERSVOICE.COM aims to collect a few interesting reading tips. ZICS, the Zine and Indie Comics Symposium, was held at the Queensland State Library in Brisbane recently. It was like a small-scale comic con, where comics creators could hire a table and sell comics they’d made or had printed professionally. It'd be great to see other festivals include a large section where writers could simply hire tables to show their wares. It'd be good exposure for both unknown and more established artists and writers, and more readers could find something interesting.

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Ashcan Comics and Groovy Gravy comics anthologies.

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Sing Say, a band who produced a comic to go with their CD; Don Watts, the artist behind Bipp and Trax Intergalactic Real Estate; and Wayne Nichols, a comics artist who has worked on Afterburn, College Hill, Marvel and Star Wars comics...