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Yumiko Kayukawa p1

READERSVOICE.COM aims to collect a few interesting reading tips. This issue features Yumiko Kayukawa, whose brilliant paintings combine elements from traditional Japanese art with elements from manga and other popular art. They are beautiful, fun and colorful paintings full of movement, wiith serious topics, too. Ms Kayukawa is especially concerned for animals and nature and the dangers they face. Ms Kayukawa is also interested in the criminal mind, and recommends a favorite Japanese mystery author. This issue also features a report on eco-theologian Father Sean McDonagh. He recently went on a world tour to talk about the Laudato si, which is Pope Francis’s 42000 word encyclical on the need to protect animals and nature.

Yumiko Kayukawa p2

Yumiko Kayukawa talks about her desire for animals to live in the wild, and recommends a favorite mystery author from Japan..

Father Sean McDonagh

Eco-theologian Father Sean McDonagh, author of On Care for Our Common Home, talks about the Laudato si, which is Pope Francis's 42000 word encyclical on the need to care for animals and the environment.