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Concept artist and illustrator Mac Rebisz talks about his daily routine in Warsaw, and mentions some of his pictures...

READERSVOICE.COM: Where in Warsaw do you live and what’s it like? What is your daily routine?

MACIEJ REBISZ: I live not far from the city centre and I really like it. It’s a modern European city with all the cool stuff and it’s not as overcrowded as other capitals, and I live in a nice building with large trees around it that isolate me pretty well from the noises of the city. My daily routine changed a bit lately, since I’ve started a full time job at the studio. [Platige Image is a Polish company founded in 1997. It specializes in computer graphics, 3D animation, and digital special effects. Its business includes advertising as well as film, art, and educational projects.] I usually get up around 9 am, get my coffee and go to work. After 8 hours with cool projects at the studio, I usually get a dinner and once I’m back home, I relax and work on personal projects. Then I go to bed and watch tv series or documentaries until I’m asleep around 3-4 am.

RV: I really like the Engine Maintenance picture and the Sputnik 1 over Lake Baikal. What are some of your favorites?

MR: From my most recent ones, I like two series of my pictures – Kronos over Saturn Rings and Soviet mission to Phobos. I enjoyed making them very much and I think I advanced my skills a lot in the progress.
And from my older pictures, I still feel very sentimental about Exogenesis and The Arch – they are all some kind of a milestone for me, advancing my skills to the next level.

RV: Were the Street Concept pictures for games and what sorts of art do you make for games?

MR: I did the Street Concept pictures as a live demo for my students, as an example of creating game concept sketches. Proper concept artworks for games usually are quite boring: they are detail views, side views, cross sections, top views, functional schematics etc, made for modelers and other technical artists to visualize ideas and help them create final assets that will end up in the game directly. What is usually released as “concept art” is either a very early stage concept sketch, or marketing art, prepared especially to look pretty for marketing purposes. Unfortunately raw concept art is usually not that attractive visually, but from all that amount of concept art made for a project, you can always cherry-pick some outstanding pictures.

RV: Why do you do speed paintings of landscapes?

MR: Landscape speedpaintings are a great exercise. You can practise colors, composition and just your art skills in general. I don’t really do them anymore at the moment, had to prioritize some other projects over them, but if I get more spare time, I will do more for sure.

RV: What are some of your plans?

MR: I don’t have any big plans yet, I just do whatever I enjoy most at the moment. Right now I work on a couple of cool film/animation projects at Platige Image. Eventually I’d love to do some more work for real space industry, I already have some experience in that, but unfortunately can’t really disclose anything yet, but stay tuned and watch out for updates on spacethatneverwas.tumblr.com… ;)

– See Maciej Rebisz’s amazing art work at maciejrebisz.com.
– copyright Simon Sandall.